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Navigation background animation on scroll

Add a navigation background transition to all your pages with a few lines of code.

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Code & Wander

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<!-- Navigation Animation by Code & Wander -->
window.addEventListener('scroll', function() {
  var header = document.querySelector('.header'); //Change class to match yours
  var scrollPosition = window.scrollY || window.pageYOffset;

  if (scrollPosition > 100) { //Change offset = 'white'; //Change target colour
  } else { = 'transparent'; //Change starting colour


Steps & Description

Step 1

Copy and paste the code above in your before </body> tag.

Step 2

Customise the code to fit your design:

  • Change the starting and transition colours (currently set from transparent to white)
  • Change the offset (currently set at 100px)
  • Change the class targeted to match yours (currently .header)

Step 3

In the designer set a background color transition to the targeted header.

Tips & Notes

By using the above code instead of the native Webflow scroll animation, every page will behave the same, rather than being relative to the page length.

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